Soundpeats Truengine2

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  • DUAL-DRIVER HIFI TWS EARBUDS with crossover and dual dynamic drivers, it delivers the incredible stereo sound with strong bass, accurate mids and clear treble, achieving a balanced separation for Hi-Fi music and audio.
  • DUAL MICS WITH CVC™ NOISE CANCELLATION Based on the sound captured by the dual mics, Truengine2 can dramatically reduce unwanted ambient noise during calls using CVC™ (Clear Voice Capture) noise-cancellation tech, delivering crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments.
  • SOUL-TOUCHING SOUND Truengine2 owns a patented design of dual dynamic drivers + Truengine Crossover™, which separates audio signals in different frequencies and delivers them independently, resulting in a balanced separation that greatly enhances sound quality in Hi-Fi audio.
  • ERGONOMIC EARFIN™ FOR SPORTS Truengine2 features a patented EarFin™ design from Freebit, which comfortably and securely fits any ear shape.

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