Sympathetic resonance

Sympathetic Resonance

WestendXFi Unbelievable is the first consumer audio product that has been designed with principles of Sympathetic Resonance Theory.

In layman’s terms sympathetic resonance can be explained as follows: in guitar design, the strings are the source of resonance (vibration) and the guitar body works as an amplifier for the sound. In our solution, the speaker is the source of resonance (vibration) and the surrounding room works as an amplifier for the sound. Basically, we transform the room into a giant speaker.

Using sympathetic resonance a small speaker can sound much bigger compared to its size. In order to make it happen, the resonances need to be controlled to produce a harmonically balanced sound.

For centuries, musical instruments have been designed based on sympathetic resonance. Most famous violin and guitar luthiers developed their instruments by testing, listening and using their personal knowledge to produce the best sounding instruments.

WestendXFi Unbelievable was developed using the same principles: by testing, listening, smart thinking and persistence.  Not by engineering knowledge. In music, open mind gives better results than just pure engineering. Music is not about science. It is about art and emotion.