Vastuullisuus | Sustainability


For us, sustainability is a commitment and we work hard to do everything with as much respect to nature and people as we can. Our products are durable, actually repairable and use as little plastic as possible.

From packaging to core

WestendXFi as a brand wants to set new standards for sustainability. For acoustic and environmental reasons we have accepted aluminium and wood for our enclosure design. The body of our first product, the Unbelievable, is made from recycled aluminium, which uses 95 % less CO2 compared to virgin aluminium. The drivers and the driver cones are made from recycled aluminium as well.

To avoid plastic, we use bamboo wedges to attach the drivers to the body. The speaker’s felt feet and additional felt pad are made from Finnish lambswool. To finish our sustainable style, the packaging and the filling inside are made from certified Finnish grey alder, secured with a natural jute band.

More than words

A good example of our thinking are the brass pieces of the passive radiators at the back of the Unbelievable speaker. As known, brass metal will change colour in time due to oxidation caused mainly by humidity.

There are several ways to treat a surface to avoid oxidation and to keep it nice and shiny. The most common treatment is passivation, which creates pollutants and is a safety concern for the staff. This is why it was an easy choice for us to not do passivation at all.