Our Story

From guitars to stereo system

The idea of a “Westend” brand started in 2008 from a casual conversation between serial entrepreneur Heikki “Hessu” Holvikari and Juha Lottonen, the best guitar luthier in Finland. After 3 years of product development Hessu and Juha were able to develop and produce hand made guitars, that had HiFi-like sound, for home and studio environment.

In 2012 Hessu decided to enter the consumer electronics market and started to develop a studio quality, small size, wireless HiFi stereo system. Hessu wanted to develop a very small portable product that would have the best possible sound experience.

Succeeding in the impossible

It took about seven years of trial and error, testing and retesting. Kim Kaisti joined the team and developed the electronic solutions. Finally they managed to do the impossible: a small size portable all-in-one HiFi stereo system that had a sound quality exceeding all expectations. In addition they were able to change and better the sound in ways nobody had expected.

Our sound and quality are exceptional and unique. Our remarkable “hand made” WestendXFi technology has made that possible.

We are extremely proud of our work. WestendXFi has started a new era of portable music devices and small size loudspeaker technology.


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