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Fall in love with music again.

High quality sound is finally back. Introducing a new color variation, Slate Grey!


The Westend XFi Concertmaster headphones were our first product in the TWS (true wireless stereo) headphone category. We immediately wanted to make headphones whose sound quality meets even the most demanding wishes. We succeeded.

The sound of the Concertmasters is accurate and balanced without overemphasized bass. That is exactly why they are used by industry professionals. (We warmly recommend listening to Jukka Haavisto’s album Reflections.)


We Make the Impossible Possible

WestendXFi Unbelievable is a wireless stereo speaker system with exceptional sound quality. It has a sound even the most demanding music professionals accept.

The Unbelievable

WestendXFi Unbelievable is our first product based on WestendXFi technology. No compromise has been taken in delivering an ultimate sound experience
– it’s simply unbelievable.


We’ve added several new earbuds to our collection of high-quality audio products, including the WestendXFi Concertmaster. There is a pair for every occasion – from sports to conference calls.


WestendXFi technology is the answer to people who long for emotion. Our technology is based on a deeper understanding of sound being a combination of multiple variables. With our technology you can experience sound beyond your expectations.


Sustainability is close to our hearts and we are very proud of it. The Unbelievable is designed ground up to be environmentally friendly, representing Finnish values and the sustainable way of life.

Feel the Music

We’ve created playlists for different occasions and moods, for you to enjoy the Unbelievable to the max. Tune in and let the beats take you on!

Our Story

The idea of the Westend brand started in 2008 from a casual conversation. We wanted to develop a very small portable speaker that would have the best sound experience possible. It took us about seven years of trial and error, testing and retesting, but finally, it’s here.

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