The Unbelievable Stereo System

WestendXFi Unbelievable is not just a wireless speaker. It is your personal portable HiFi stereo system that revolutionises the way you think about audio products.


The way we see it, quality is everything. The Unbelievable brings exceptional quality of sound through the combination of advanced sound technology and the vibrant and durable aluminium as a building material.

This combination brings out all colors of sound in the form of a small, wireless stereo speaker. The Unbelievable fits in the palm of your hand and weighs 1,1 kgs (2,4 lbs). It’s a sturdy little thing!


Our first WestendXFi product, the Unbelievable, was developed using the same principles as in developing musical instruments; by ear, smart thinking and persistence. This took almost a decade. The Unbelievable is designed and intended to play music made with real musical instruments.

During the long process we also developed our 3D Sound Imaging Technology, a way to use the room echo to enhance the sound image. This technology gives you a feeling of space, definition and presence that is hard to believe to be true.

First impressions

What people say?

I am absolutely and profusely surprised. Normally a recorded version is a substitute for a concert, however, in this case it actually feels like you are in the concert. It is not just recorded sound, it is actual sound.
Manfred Gräsbeck
violinist, conductor, composer and the Concert Master of the Finnish National Opera